About ANIMUS CRACKERS -- Send Some Anger

animus [an-uh-muh s]
noun: strong dislike or enmity; hostile attitude; animosity.

Sending Animus Crackers is the best way to show your anger and say "Screw You!" to people who deserve it.

The ANIMUS CRACKERS STORY: The idea for Animus Crackers came about when two friends -- a Republican and a Democrat -- started talking about how much pure ANIMUS there is in the world today. The daily headlines told the story, from Occupy Wall Street to #MeToo to Taking a Knee to the Government Shutdown -- you name it. And a new one, you can bet, is on its way tomorrow.

There seems to be only one constant in our so-called society: ANIMUS (anger, hostility, discontent, rage). And most people are clearly having major trouble expressing their animus, which only makes their animus worse! How could we help ease this frustration?

Tell someone they are a miserable creep with Animus Crackers

Hey, why not let people easily send a message to the target of their Animus? How about if you could easily say "Screw You" to the people who enrage or disappoint you?

(Your cheating ex, your lousy neighbor, your congressperson, your kid's rotten coach, your crappy college professor, your horrible boss, your corrupt mayor, random lawyers, and on and on.)

And why not enable people to send ANIMUS anonymously -- giving them the freedom to really let the objects of their anger know they are lousy, unethical, pigheaded, selfish, rotten, lying, cheating jerks?

So we sent a few boxes of ANIMUS CRACKERS to the real jerks in our lives and we felt so much better, knowing the message was delivered and the despicable recipient had to wonder: who sent me this?

We created ANIMUS CRACKERS so you can express your righteous rage and animus -- and feel good, too. Our experience has shown it is deeply satisfying to let certain people know they suck.