ANIMUS CRACKERS is the #1 Brand for ANGERClick here to send ANIMUS CRACKERS to anyone who pisses you off or screws you over. We'll deliver ANIMUS CRACKERS ANONYMOUSLY. And you can include an ANONYMOUS note. 

We know you're angry. We're here to help. 100% ANONYMOUS. They'll never know who sent it.

Send ANIMUS CRACKERS To Your Ex, Your Congressman, Your Boss

Dirtbag Politicians

The EX that Screwed You Over

Terrible Neighbors

I just sent Animus Crackers to my horrible a-hole boss. I feel much better. 

Amy P., Austin, TX

Brilliant! My mother-in-law can't figure out who sent her the Animus Crackers. I love it! It was me!

Jade Q., New York

ANIMUS CRACKERS really satisifies the urge. It's like they say, Sweet REVENGE. I just left a box on a Porsche in a handicapped spot.

Taye D. T., Chicago


animus [an-uh-muh s]
noun: strong dislike or enmity; hostile attitude; animosity.

Sending Animus Crackers is the best way to show your anger and say "Screw You!" to people who deserve it.

Animus Crackers delivers angst, anger, ANIMUS and anguish to the recipient and doesn't get the sender in any trouble -- unlike a punch in the face.

Inside each Animus Crackers box are fortune cookies telling the recipient:

"You are a miserable creep"

"Disaster will strike you."

Express your anger, deliver the rage, send a box of Animus Crackers -- or ten boxes!


ANIMUS CRACKERS does some good in the world, too.

For every expression of personal animus realized by sending a box of ANIMUS CRACKERS, we will be donating a portion of the proceeds to peace!

So ANIMUS CRACKERS senders can actually feel good about being pissed off!

[The current ANIMUS CRACKERS charity is the non-controversial, non-partisan peace efforts of Musicians Without Borders.]

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